Urban's Film Club @ Fargo Village

Urban Film Club @ FV

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We have collaborated with our wonderful neighbours in Fargo Village, Al from The Astral Gypsy & Steve from Sgt Bilko’s Vintage Emporium to put on some excellent films for you that are all screened for free!

The films start at 7.30pm, food is available to order up until this time too!

Summer Scheduling

May 26th (courtesy of Astral Gypsy):  Batman: The Movie (1966)

June 2nd (courtesy of Sgt Bilko): Sci-Fi B Movie Classics: The Thing from Another World/The Incredible Shrinking Man

June 30th (courtesy of Astral Gypsy):  Katsuhiro Otomo’s Memories.

July 7th (courtesy of Sgt Bilko): TZ Marathon: A selection of episodes from the original Twilight Zone

July 28th (courtesy of Astral Gypsy): Flash Gordon (1980)

August 4th (courtesy of Sgt Bilko): An Evening with Laurel & Hardy: A selection of classic shorts from Stan & Ollie

August 25th (courtesy of Astral Gypsy): Fantastic Planet (aka Savage Planet)

September 1st (courtesy of Sgt Bilko): An Evening with Sergeant Bilko: A selection of episodes from The Phil Silvers Show

Sept 29th (courtesy of Astral Gypsy): Strange Shorts (including: The Tell-tale Heart. A short film about JohnBolton. Gerald McBoing Boing, Lorenzo Mattotti & Richard McGuire’s short animations from Fears OF the Dark)