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28th Jun 2011

#urbananswers Jamie’s turn

So let’s see…. Peter, Richard and Hannah so far have all answered their #urbanquestions, who’s left?….. ah Jamie. Jamie was our Head Coffee Connoisseur, before handing […]
27th Jun 2011

#urbananswers Helena’s turn

As you may have guessed by now, recently our Twitter and Facebook family asked us some coffee related questions. Then we challenged each one of our […]
23rd Jun 2011

Urban Answers – Richard’s turn

Part 2 our Urban Answers. Last week our Facebook fans and Twitter followers asked us some challenging coffee related questions, luckily we have a highly trained […]
22nd Jun 2011

How to survive a book club

This is the first guest post in our ‘Summer of Events’ and we thought it only fitting to ask Laura to be the first author. Laura […]