Wanted! Wonderful Human Beings!
Honeybuns @ Urban
5th Jun 2014
Macaron Madness!
17th Jun 2014

BethSharonAre you a fun loving, happy-go-lucky, quick on your feet type of person? If no, turn away now! If yes…hey, great to meet you! So, we are on a hunt. We are after people who love people, people who love coffee, people who love food, and of course people who have high standards when it comes to cleaning! We must warn you though, we do discriminate:  We only take the best!

Jobs currently available are for Kitchenistas (both part-time and full time) at our Jewellery Quarter kitchen. We’re looking for people who can commit to a permanent role.

We will also be looking to hire Urbanistas mid-July, again in permanent roles for our new premises opening up in Coventry and one or two for the current city-centre emporiums!

Send over a CV with a cover letter explaining what make you the best to happyjobs@urbancoffee.co.uk.


  1. S. says:

    Hi lovely people!
    I was just wondering how many hours would the job involve because I am working in schools but never after 3pm or fridays.

  2. Samantha Paddock says:

    Love the smell of coffee, love drinking coffee and very fast on my feet just like road runner and love socialising

  3. peter@urbancoffee.co.uk says:

    We are looking for part and full timers at the moment.