Macaron Madness!
Wanted! Wonderful Human Beings!
9th Jun 2014
Lunch times are now even more delicious!
20th Jun 2014

10288751_722050484511989_3926150892462703334_nWe’ve got some ruddy excellent news that from July we will be selling some very gorgeous Macarons, made by the lovely (and local!) Angela of ‘Yipsy Macarons‘.

Our Hannah and Peter have done some MAJOR taste testing of these bad boys (or are they girls?) and it’s safe to say that they are unbelievably delicious! They also happen to be gluten-free, which is always an added bonus! 10390485_737215356328835_4169628450952871587_n

They go perfectly with our coffee and great if you’re just not ready to commit to that whole slice of cake…!

Angela also offers her little bundles of loveliness for events such as weddings, christenings etc. so check out her facebook page (link above) if you’re interested in having her cater for you!

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