February's Live Music Friday!
The Moody Food Coffee Club Diet
10th Jan 2014
January’s Film and Supper Club @ JQ
20th Jan 2014

ProgressWhatever humdrum plans you’ve got for Friday 7th February, cancel them: Immediately!!

“Why?” you cry! Well, we are coming at you live with the fantastic Progress Music Academy’s second Live Music Friday!

Showcasing the hottest up and coming talent in Birmingham you’ll want front row seats to listen to the musical styling’s of PMA’s future chart toppers. From covers to keyboards, vocals to drums, the versatility of PMA’s students was a wildfire success in their debut performance. After hooking in one of the largest crowds in LMF history we’d be insane not to invite them back!

So pick up your calendar, cross out any commitments and drop by for some beers, lattes or wine and of course some scrummy cake!! Sit back, relax and tweet non-stop about the tunes you’ll be humming to for the whole weekend!

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