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November’s Coffee Connoiseurs
8th Nov 2012
It’s – well it’s not – but it’s sorta starting to feel a bit like it, so…
21st Nov 2012

We have a new Video Gaming Meetup at Church Street!

Wewana:Play Video Gaming Meetup : Thursday 15th November 4:30pm-6:30pm

Don’t play alone, come join many other gamers and play together! This new weekly meetup brings together all levels of gamers, in a friendly atmosphere to help make gaming more social. Each week will have a different theme game, with the inaugural event being dedicated to Halo 4.

Don’t play at home alone, come join us and play together!

Organised by Wewana:Play – the innovative new app for gamers: http://www.wewana.com/

Following the first event on Thursday 15th the event will run weekly on Wednesdays at the same times.

Looking forward to welcoming some new faces to our ever expanding Urban Coffee community!

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