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US Congress – back to the 80’s

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28th Feb 2011
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4th Mar 2011

The other day I saw an article on about the US Congress re-introducing polystyrene cups to their cafe. I thought we got rid of these horrible things back in the 1980’s. Lets not even go into the environmental issues surrounding the use of this sort of cup because it’s not good.

The real issue is that coffee tastes different in a polystyrene cup, so it doesn’t really matter what the quality of the coffee is; it all tastes foamy and plastic. We say this is the perfect way to ruin a cup of coffee, so rest assured you will not see polystyrene cups near an Urban Coffee Emporium any time soon.

Do you know any offices that still use polystyrene cups? name and shame them.

Simon, Co-Founder – Filter coffee, black no sugar

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  1. Rick says:

    The type of outlet that uses these types of cups generally use the cheapest, nastiest instant coffee with half the recommended measure and double the water (which is typically “super-boiled!”). Unfortunately many places still use these cups… including WRVS in most UK hospitals and trucker/biker cafes. I say buy some beans, make some Urban Coffee and carry a Thermos ;)