We love Jelly! – Urban Emporiums
Live Music Friday
6th Oct 2010
Knitting Time!!
11th Oct 2010

This week saw a couple of ‘Firsts’ for Urban Coffee Company. We had our first ever ‘Jelly’ day, this is when homeworkers come together in a venue with free WiFi and work together. This can be to provide a much needed bit of company or to bounce ideas of other like minded individuals. All in all we had 7 homeworkers join us on Wednesday, we had link ups with the ‘Jelly’ event in Ludlow during #jellymoment and were introduced to a whole new Twitter life. This World on twitter included the #watercoolermoment when people chat about a daily topic and #techtuesday where you have a chance to ask experts any techy question you might need an answer to!

A massive thanks to @rickiewrites for helping us organise the first one and we look forward to seeing more of you on 16th November!


  1. Congratulations on joining Jelly! You’re in good company all over the UK. There is lots of info on my website about starting Jelly if people reading this are intrigued and want to get involved.