It’s Our Party!!! – Urban Emporiums
Perfect Urban Coffee using a cafetiere
1st Aug 2010
Friday is music night!
5th Aug 2010

It’s soon to be official-Urban Coffee Company is going to no longer be a ‘newbie’ as we are turning 1 year old.

It’s been a great year for us so far as we have had the additions of Kissmecupcakes, Alcohol, Ice Cream, Elephant Ear and Weasel Coffee to name but a few!

So we’d love you to all come and celebrate with us on Tuesday 10th August. All day we’ll be giving out goody bags, and then from 7pm-9.30pm we’ll be having a proper party with Live Music, Jenga, Buckaroo and Jelly!!!

We’re even giving out free drinks between 7pm & 7.30pm so don’t miss out!!

For your ticket please email or sign up here

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