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Our ‘Coffee King?!’
26th Aug 2010
September Book Club
31st Aug 2010

Calling all Birmingham bloggers, we have a proposition for you! If you write a blog post about us or put a link to our website on your blog then we will give you one of our new espresso cups (they are very cute).

No catches, but we only have 10 cups so be in the first ten to let us know you have done it (email, tweet, facebook us). Now we know some people have already been lovely and blogged about us but the offer starts now for new posts only.


  1. Anonymous says:

    check out your link Becs on my website – cheers James

  2. Andy383 says:

    You have a link on my site, as well as all of the "@urbancoffeeco"'s everywhere. :P

  3. rougeforever says:

    So I did a little blog post here :)