August’s Coffee Connoisseurs – Urban Emporiums
Friday is music night!
5th Aug 2010
12th Aug 2010

This month our Jamie will be going into the depths of the coffee world with you, exploring;

  • The origins of coffee (i.e. the countries and climates)
  • Green beans (plantation to roaster)
  • Roasting
  • Region┬átasting: we’ll taste our single estate coffees (PNG, Indian, Brazil, Ethiopian, Indonesian, and Kenyan) and discussing the regions distinctive flavours.

We have a meeting the second Wednesday of every month, the next one being Wednesday 11th August, from 7pm-8pm.

We look forward to seeing you, and bring any questions you like-Jamie loves a challenge!!

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  1. Silversprite says:

    >I would come, but this clashes; there's lots of social media and other events happening this week in central Birmingham, unfortunately. You've probably lost a few other people to one of tonight's other events as well. Sorry! Another time.