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30th Apr 2010
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4th May 2010

Yes you read that title right…we’re thinking up different types of coffee cocktails, i.e. cofftails!

To begin with, we have Frangelico (a hazelnut liqueur), Baileys, Jameson’s Whiskey & Amaretto. You’ll be able to add them to a normal latte, or you could go crazy and have them added to a double shot of espresso, milk, cream and ice to have a proper cofftail!

As always, we’re hoping for you, the customer’s input in this, so let us know what ideas you have for additions to the already very yummy range!


  1. Radu Prisacaru says:

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  2. tania_nexust says:

    How about Espresso Martinis? With a good quality vodka (like Chase), and a chilled strong shot of espresso, some Jersey milk, shaken with a lot of ice then strained. I'm sure there's a bit more goes into it than that but you could invite Julian at The Victoria (an award-winning cocktail whizz I believe) to come up with a recipe for you perhaps?

    I've never had one but I love the idea of a good hit of coffee in a cocktail!

  3. Andy says:

    Testing comments.