Get Ready for Youri! – Urban Emporiums
Book Number Four!
1st Apr 2010
A New Love Story
8th Apr 2010

Some of you may have already heard of our coffee guru, Youri. He works for Absolute Coffee who are our coffee suppliers, from whom we get our amazing espresso blend along with our 4 fabulous filters.

Well he’s coming to visit us again soon to give our Urbanistas some re-training, and probably cause quite lot of competition between them all from who can do the perfect shot of espresso to who can do the best bear in their latte art!

He’ll be with us on Thursday 15th April so prepare for all hell to break loose!!

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  1. youriv says:


    I'll better come up with something to make it an exciting day! maybe we will create a blend :)
    Or we can have a little latte art competition.
    Or maybe I will ask someone to brew an espresso to my exact wishes (dose, volume, extract time, brewing ratio etc)