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Our very own Kiwi!
3rd Mar 2010
Flat White – What’s the fuss?
4th Mar 2010

Some of you, may have not seen Claire when you’ve come into Urban Coffee in the early hours. This is because she works mostly evenings due to her very demanding textile design course! Here are a few things you won’t know about her and there are a few we didn’t!!!

1. Has a cat called Marvin
2. Loves sweets
3. Failed driving test 5 times (more than Assistant Manager Catherine!)
4. Is studying for a degree in textile & design
5. Favourite Film is ‘The Darjeeling Limited’
6. Last book she read was ‘Revolutionary Road’
7. Her family are originally from Egypt
8. Can eat record breaking amounts of Sushi!
9. Favourite cocktail is an ‘After Eight’
10. Has a fantastic new ‘time piece’

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