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14th Aug 2009
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20th Aug 2009

We weren’t sure how Birmingham was going to take to our new concept but amazingly we have been receiving email and internet reviews. Here are a few of them:

Just a word to wish you good luck in your new venture in Church Street, Birmingham. I have been in a few times this week and would congratulate you on your knowledgeable staff and the surroundings – especially the big table on the ground floor which is almost identical to one in a coffee shop in New York where ‘communal dining’ was positively encouraged!

City centre office worker (bored of Costa!)

Best Lattes in Birmingham
Just recently opened, the Urban Coffee Co is a breath of fresh air of church street. Its open, very light and with free WiFi available.It also has hands down some of the best coffee in town, the lattes are superb and the Sumatran filter coffee is delicious.

Ideal for meetings and fantastic coffee
I was warmly greeted, the space is light and airy, the WiFi strong, and they have good stout tables, big enough to get four coworkers and their laptops around (they have plenty of plug sockets upstairs too). The coffee was great (really great – seriously, try the filter coffee which is individually filtered for you) and there was lovely banter with the staff.

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  1. youriv says:

    Simon, you guys have done a good job!
    Originally I had my doubts about the communal table but you made it work well.
    I will pop in soon for a coffee soon :)

  2. Saint Caffe says:

    Hiya Team @ UrbanCoffee!

    Saint Caffe saying Hi : ) and we would just like to congratulate you guys on opening your first coffee shop in Birmingham and of course LOVE the fact that you guys are totally independent!! whooohooo!! : )

    Its about time another great independent coffee shop opened in Birmingham bc independents here are way too rare! We particulary love that you guys are continually educating customers on coffee so kudos to you guys!

    If you're ever in St.Pauls Square pop in and say hi it would be great seeing other coffee enthusiasts and chat "coffee" talk too : )

    We've heard some great stuff about UrbanCoffeeCo so keep up the great work!

    Saint Caffe : )