More competitor evaluation – Urban Emporiums
New Coffee vocabulary word – "Revolver"
26th Apr 2009
Interview time
27th Apr 2009

Took a visit to the local comeptitors and here are our thoughts:



Coffee Republic – Newhall street

Red & Black décor

The cups

Metal dome bins

Sandwich & cakes open for self-service

Card payment facilities

Very dark – poor lighting

Price signage very small

No information on coffee source

No information on WiFi

Expensive coffee

Caffe Nero – Temple Row

Double shots as standard

Light, clean and airy

Regional barista of the year runner up works here – sign

They allow areas to be reserved and an at seat service

Old leather chairs

A feeling that they understand coffee

Cakes & pastries look pre-packed

Cakes are behind counter so you have to ask for them

They don’t take card payments

Starbucks – Colmore Row

Coffee beans on display

Accept card payments

Bean 2 cup machine rather than quality trained staff

Machine blocks view of your coffee being made

Cakes are behind counter so you have to ask for them

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